E-Commerce, Marketing  & Creative Solutions.

22+ years of actual experience, real work, and real results. 

Von Scott specializes in transforming online retail businesses through expert Shopify E-commerce solutions, comprehensive digital marketing strategies, and Individualized product promotion services.

About Scott Dana / Von Scott

Scott Dana, founder of Von Scott, is an accomplished e-commerce and digital marketing expert with over two decades of experience. Since launching Von Scott in 2011, he has specialized in Shopify solutions and innovative online retail strategies. Scott's notable success includes driving an automotive parts business to $6 million in revenue within five years, showcasing his skill in transforming online sales.

Servicing the St. George, Utah and surrounding local areas. 

Services Offered

Shopify E-commerce Solutions

Customized Shopify store setup and optimization to enhance user experience and sales conversions.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Comprehensive digital marketing plans, including market analysis and tailored strategies to increase online presence and sales.

Product Marketing & Photography

Professional product marketing services, including high-quality photography, to showcase products effectively and attractively online.

Google Listings & Merchant Services

Optimization of Google listings and merchant services for increased product visibility and streamlined online transactions.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Creation and management of targeted advertising campaigns across various platforms to maximize reach and engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On page only SEO techniques to improve website visibility and rankings on search engines, driving organic traffic and sales.

Video Production
& Filming

High-quality video content production for product promotion, brand storytelling, and engaging digital marketing.

E-Commerce Strategy Consulting

Expert consulting services to develop and implement effective e-commerce strategies, driving growth and profitability.

No Hassling, and no BS-ing. If I can't do it, I will let you know. 

Thank you for your interest in Von Scott! The truth is - I am a lone wolf, I don't have a big agency and I never will. I like to work closely with my clients, and I value long term relationships. 

I have worked on a lot of different projects over the last 20+ years, and I have extensive experience in a number of different creative endeavors. From magazines, to screenprinting, printing, web design, frontend web development, graphics, car wraps, logos, photography, videography, video editing, SEO, content writing, description writing, ecommerce management, to business development and strategies. There isn't a lot that I haven't done. If I haven't done it, or can't do it, I will tell you. I am not a bullshitter. 

If you are seeking advice, consultation, project management, or any of the above services, please feel free to reach out. I would love to chat with you and see if I can help you out. If I can't, I will try to point you in the right direction. 

Quick Package Deals

Servicing the St. George, Utah and surrounding local areas. 

◼️ Super Simple Shopify Set-up

◼️ Google Business listing

◼️ Custom Domain/Email address set up on Google Business Suite

◼️ Desk Phone Set Up with Google Business Voice

◼️ Google Merchant Set Up

◼️ Facebook/Meta Business Suite Set Up